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Campfire Stories Approved Outfitters


Hunter Ridge Ranch Nestled deep in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, Hunter Ridge Ranch is home to some of the largest whitetail trophy deer in the world, as well as magnificent elk, buffalo, red stag, and fallow deer. You may also run across an occasional bobcat or coyote during your stay.
 Miller Bison
Miller Bison at Elkhead Ranch provides visitors with an experience of a lifetime. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the sight of hundreds of bison roaming the land, hunt trophy deer,bison and turkey, the taste of home-cooked bison and stay in a rustic hunters' cabin.
   Double K Guides  Welcome to Double K Guide Service ~ The #1 destination in South Dakota for real pheasant hunts, pronghorn antelope hunting, Merriam turkey hunts, whitetail deer, mule deer, and prairie dog hunting.
Dakota Hunting Trips  Dakota Hunting Trips, Inc. is a full-service booking, advertising agency established in 2002. We hold Ethics, Honesty and Intergrity in high regard and strive to deal wth each client on a personal and individual basis. Born and raised in South Dakota, we traveled, hunted, filmed, and surveyed the outfitters advertised on Dakota Hunting Trips. With such a diverse array of outfitters you're sure to find the trip you're looking for. Our service is free to the customer and we give you an unbiased opinion of all the Oufitters we represent.
Bear Paw Landing For over 40 years, Bear Paw Landing has been the choice of this country's leading bow hunters when booking a Bear Hunt. Bear Paw is a great place to bring your family. friends, or groups! Our fishing season runs May through September. Our Bear Hunt runs Mid Aughst through September